Global Climate Change Emergency Hot Spots
Real world evidence of the planetary emergency​
1. Arctic warming rate increasing (amplification) 3X global average
​2. Arctic summer sea ice
​Record low 2012 Past tipping point
Rapid reduction in thickness
Extent loss and thinning ​(darker) less albedo reflective cooling and- faster Arctic warming (amplification
3. ​Snow spring retreating  faster Loss albedo​
4. ​Greenland ice sheet surface expanse melt increasing Albedo loss
5. Methane leaking through sea ice cracks ? from warmer water increasing ​microbial production.
6. Methane seeping from edges of glaciers and permafrost​.
7. ​Methane from sea floor East Siberian Arctic shelf. Sea floor methane hydrate
'melting' releasing methane to almost to water surface​ 
​​8. ​Wetlands warming emitting more methane -feedback 
10. ​Thawing permafrost emitting methane and CO2
11. Thawing permafrost emitting nitrous oxide​
12. Arctic atmospheric methane ​increasing to extreme
13. ​Greenland glacier melt accelerating
14. Large increase methane emissions from warming tropical wetlands
15. ​Methane emissions increasing from global water bodies
16. UK Soil CO2 emissions ​increasing with warming

Atmospheric GHGs

​Atmospheric CO2
still accelerating 50% increase since industrialization
​Highest in 4 million years (or more)

Atmospheric methane Accelerating since 2000 due to gas fracking and methane feedback emissions from the warming planet (Arctic and tropical peat rich wetlands) Explosive increase since 2020

Atmospheric nitrous oxide steadily  increasing fast. Increased 20% since industrialization (past 100 years) ​Now main cause of stratospheric ozone ​depletion. 

17. Forest fires increasing
18. W Europe severe heat wave and drought​ 2003
​19. Severe Amazon drought 2005,2010​ Amazon net carbon source 2017
20. US hurricane Katrina​ 2005
21. ​Texas record drought 2008-9
22.​ Australia 2009 worst wildfires on record
23. Russia 2010 widespread wild fires ​crop destruction
24. Pakistan 2010 worst ever floods​
25. SW. China 3 yr drought to 2012.
26. ​​N. India 2010 record heat
27. US grain belt near record heat/ drought
28 US super storm Sandy​​
29 Himalayas ​acceleration ice loss past 40 years

2022 Summer Northern hemisphere ​​Unprecedented heat an drought right across N. hemisphere

All this (below)  is being caused by today's global warming of jus over 1°C.

We already are committed (locked in) to a warming much higher ​due to climate system inertia!