Temperature Increase
WMO on Warming page. Large decadal regional warming from the WMO's 2013 Global Climate 2001-10  Decade of Extremes
Oct 2013 Nature study reveals urgent new time frame for climate change​-
the year whe​n the lowest monthly dips in temperatures will be hotter than temperature records experienced in the past 150 years, 
FULL PAPER The projected timing of climate departure from recent variability
Camilo Mora et al

Global warming is defined as the
​global average (land-sea) ​surface temperature increase, from pre-industrial


The Health and Human Rights Approach to Climate Change

'The commitment from constant greenhouse gas concentrations would correspond to approximately 2C warming' (IPCC AR5 WG1 12.5.2).
8 May 2017 Trajectories toward the 1.5°C Paris target (2026) 
30 June 2017 Satellite research
​confirms global warming
​IS speeding up
Rapid global warming will continue
​UK Met Office prediction to 2022.
Land projection 2000 to 2100(high emission scenario)
Recent research
by date

​21 Oct 2019 Steep warming curve for Europe. New models: Europe will heat 1C from 1990 to 2020. 

21 Oct 2019 Historical change of El Niño properties sheds light on future changes of extreme El Niño (more & more extreme boosting surface warming)

2018  Recent Study Shows Amplified Arctic Temperature Increase during Perceived Hiatus in Global Warming (and AGW acceleration)
July 2018 Human influence on the seasonal cycle of tropospheric temperature, B. Santer

Recorded Global warming is higher :
>​​in the night-time than the day ​(March 10, 2016, Research) - harmful to people and crops
over land than over sea (sea surface temperature)
>​over central continents ​

>in the northern hemisphere than southern and
> highest in the Arctic ​​​(feedback amplification)
93% of added GHG heat has gone to the oceans, makes ocean heat a better single metri​c than global surface warming 
2019 from NASA expert team +1.2C
Global warming is ACCELERATING​