Global Climate Change Emergency Hot Spots
Real world evidence of the planetary emergency​
1. Arctic warming rate increasing (amplification)
​2. Arctic summer sea ice

2007 tipping point
Rapid reduction in thickness
Extent loss and thinning ​(darker) less albedo reflective cooling and- faster Arctic warming (amplification
3. ​Snow spring retreating  faster Loss albedo​
4. ​Greenland ice sheet surface expanse melt increasing
Albedo loss
5. Methane leaking through sea ice cracks ? from warmer water increasing ​microbial production.
6. Methane seeping from edges of glaciers and permafrost​.
7. ​Methane venting from sea floor East Siberian Arctic shelf.
8. Sea floor methane hydrate
'melting' releasing methane to almost to water surface​ 
​​9. ​Wetlands warming emitting more methane
10. ​Thawing permafrost emitting methane
11. Thawing permafrost emitting nitrous oxide​
12. Arctic atmospheric methane ​increasing to extreme
13. ​Greenland glacier melt accelerating
14. Large increase methane emissions from warming tropical wetlands
15. ​Methane emissions increasing from global water bodies
16. UK Soil CO2 emissions ​increasing with warming

Atmospheric GHGs

​Atmospheric CO2
still accelerating 40% increase since industrialization
​Highest in 15 million years

Atmos. methane increasing since 2007 due to methane feedback emissions from the warming planet ( Arctic and tropical peat rich wetlands)

Atmos. nitrous oxide increasing faster than other two main GHGs.
Increased 20% since industrialization (past 100 years) ​Now main cause of stratospheric ozone ​depletion. 

17. Forest fires increasing
18. W Europe severe heat wave and drought​ 2003
​19. Severe Amazon drought 2005,2010​
20. US hurricane Katrina​ 2005
21. ​Texas record drought 2008-9
22.​ Australia 2009 worst wilkfires on record
23. Russia 2010 widespread wild fires ​crop destruction
24. Pakistan 2010 worst ever floods​
25. SW. China 3 yr drought to 2012.
26. ​​N. India 2010 record heat
27. US grain belt near record heat/ drought
28 US super storm Sandy​​

All this is being caused by today's global warming of 0.8C.

We already are committed (locked in) to a warming several times higher ​due to climate system inertia!

​The health and human rights approach to climate change