The health effects of global warming and climate change have been well known for decades​. as the 1995 IPCC chart shows.

​​The actual problem is atmospheric GHG pollution with severe environmental health impacts and risks impacts. How ever this is not how the issue is being addressed. 

​The populations in Africa and lower latitude regions have always been recognized as most vulnerable to all these impacts, and it has been assumed that the wealthy industrially de​veloped nations would be able to cope with the less severe impacts affecting their populations.

​​Extreme weather events that are already increasing from global climate change, are the most damaging to human life and health. 

The most climate vulnerable regions are already suffering negative effects on crop yields (IPCC 2014 AR5)​​.

With records to water security ​climate change is increasing both droughts and floods, and large lakes are drying up- e.g 2016 Bolivia's second largest lake). 

Forty per cent of the worlds population rely on the spring melt of Himalaya glaciers for their water supplies. 2012 research found that these glaciers are melting away faster than had been thought.

2016 research found that ​Climate change deteriorates water quality in the Himalayas affecting 40 percent of world's population




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