Mega Manhattan Marshall
​Mitigation Venture

We have no time to get the well known mitigation solutions on line and upgraded 

The December 2015 UN Paris Climate Agreement was ​encouraging,acknowledging (again) the great urgency of dealing with disastrous climate and ocean change or rather disruptions, but there is no commitment to any emergency measures. Paris is a call to action but the agreement continues the delay in international action to implement the UN climate change convention. A legally binding commitment to real measures was blocked by fossil fuel pushing powers. 

World's First NUCLEAR SALT REACTOR (US decades ago) - Documentary Films​
FUSION ENERGY: becoming a reality?
21 Mar 2016 Risk of multiple tipping points ...urgent global action on climate change ...immediate massive effort..US$116/tCO2... carbon emissions stopped by 2050...< 1.5C CO2..
An immediate international massive Mega Manhattan Marshall Model RRD research-devlopment-distribution venture is now essential for an adequate response. 

Such a project was recommended back in 2006 and has been urged since by David Wasdell, to prevent multiple amplifying feedback runaway climate change.
2006 EU Complexity Workshop
From Workshop recommendations:
The outstanding research priority is to explore the possibility of a “tipping point” in the earth climate system as a whole. We must assess the potential threat of runaway climate change with massive implications for all other dependent systems of the human enterprise. To do so, it is essential to establish the “Manhattan Project” of climate science (with a different name, of course) to focus on this specific issue. This is from David Wasdell's Meridian Programme site.

​Global decarbonization rebuild
world for zero carbon 
-Optimize develop best fission energy​ rapid deployment
-​Fast track optimization of clean energy technologies develop cutting edge prospects and find new sources
-Safe effective CO2 removal to develop at scale
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