Committed Global Climate Change Planetary Emergency

 The Health and Human Rights Approach to Greenhouse Gas Pollution
Climate change is set to inflict “severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts”
​on people and the natural world unless carbon emissions ​are cut

​sharply and rapidly.

IPCC at Lima, pre-COP20 (2014)​​
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​​5 Jan 2015 Current pace of environmental climate ​change is unprecedented in Earth's history
25 Jan 2016 Mankind is likely on a path toward  possible extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert
27 April 2016 OCEANS It May Soon Be Too Late to Save the Seas
June 2016 Guardian: Shattered records show climate change is an emergency today, scientists warn

March 2016 Nature: Risk of multiple tipping points should be triggering urgent action on climate change

December 2015 Ocean phytoplankton PLANETARY CATASTROPHE — Warming could stop oxygen generation

IPCC 2014 5th Assessment Report (AR5):​​​​ "No one will be untouched by climate change"

June 2015: The G7 proposed the IPCC's (AR5) most stringent mitigation scenario​​​

How to stop climate change & ocean acidification in one simple step:
Stop fossil fuel subsidies​ — $5.3 trillion globally, $2.3 trillion​​ in US and China

Oxford 1.5ºC Conference presentation page with poster
IEA COP22: Energy, Climate Change & Environment: 2016 Insights
​​Nov 2017 ​Fossil fuel CO2 emissions are rising again  ​(Global Carbon project)
Nov 2017 UNEP
World at 3.2C catastrophe by 2100 ​from national ​​emissions targets UNEP GAP Report
Oct 2017 Lancet ​Climate change major threat to human survival 

Oct 2017 GHGs surge  Unprecedented rate of ​atmospheric CO2 increase   

WMO GHG Bulletin Oct 2017 Rate of atmospheric CO2 increase without any known precedent
31 Oct 2017 Christiana Figueres
 ​ Climate change ​is a public health emergency
26 Oct 2017Current climate change ​unparalleled  ​over the last 100 million years?
Sept 2017​ Fast Action to Protect People and ​the Planet from Extreme Climate Change

​29 June  ​say we have Three years to safeguard our climate 

Nature Climate Change March 21st  2016  Risk of multiple tipping points ... urgent global action on climate change ... immediate massive effort ... US$116/tCO2 ... carbon emissions stopped by 2050... goal < 1.5ºC  
US temperatures are 10-15 years ahead of global average Article January 11, 2017
Evidence from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans, ...tells an unambiguous story: the planet is warming, and ..., this warming has been driven primarily by human activity—predominantly the burning of fossil fuels. (US Climate Assessment)
Global climate disruption is now a Global Extinction Threat         
(UN Sec. General Antonio Guterres 2018 see below )

Top project 
The Climate Mobilization
​city by city
​emergency response
March 2018 WMO Global Climate 2017
Costliest ever for extreme weather ​
15 May 2018 UN Sec. General says climate change is an 'existential threat' to most life on the planet, ​including and especially humankind, UN chief warns global summit, ​and the age of fossil fuels must be ended.
VIDEO of the historic statement by UN Secretary-General António Guterres 
9 June 2018 We face a global emergency’ over oceans: UN chief sounds the alarm at G7 Summit event. Mr. Guterres noted that commitments are not worth anything “unless we accept that we face a global emergency.”
2015 research Public perceptions of future threats humanity: about half sense an existential threat .
Sept 2017 Mass marine-global extinction if we don't decline global carbon emissions by 2020 
Top website
13 June 2018 The rate of Antarctic melting X3 past 10 years
May 2018 Massachusetts Religious leaders, & scientists (over 500)  declare climate change is an emergency
2018 Health leaders​ Call to Action 
​Climate Change is a
​Global Health Emergency
11 Sept 2018 UN Secretary-General Guterres warns "If we do not change course by 2020,
​​we risk missing the point where we can avoid runaway climate change, with disastrous
​consequences for people and all the natural systems that sustain us.
TCM Newsletter of the Climate Emergency Movement
18 Feb 2019 EU Climate change existential threat will spare no country-world is not moving fast enough to prevent irreversible and catastrophic climate disruption.
Unprecedented Crime: (my co-authored) Book
2020 Deadline: Emissions Decline
For a chance of 1.5C for our common future survival ​

18 Oct 2019 ​“Climate change a considerable threat to global food security, with existential outcomes  
17 Sept 2019 Our addiction to fossil fuels causes climate emergency, say UN human rights experts
10 Oct 2019 IMF warns world must take urgent steps to reduce global warming                   
IPCC 2018 1.5C Report: ONLY ONE YEAR LEFT to put global emissions into rapid decline from 2020                                                 to avoid global climate catastrophe.


IPCC 1.5C Report page 
Governments national emissions targets are a big global emissions INCREASE  by 2030, which is a global extinction scenario,
2019 Accelerating Data Sets
This is global extinction by the fossil fuel corporations, government subsidies and the big global investment bank financing.
UN Call to Action document of the Sept 2019 UN Climate Action Summit
PDF 2019 comprehensive data
All published mitigation projections ​require immediate  (2020) ​rapid decline​ in global emissions​.
More on the 2020 Deadline: Emissions Decline
15 Jan 2018 We Have Five Years To Save Ourselves From Climate Change, renowned Harvard Scientist Says. He argued that the physical sciences should take responsibility for preventing environmental catastrophe in the same way the biological sciences have set out to cure cancer.
The 2020 Climate Deadline 

We have to warn the world that​ current national emissions targets are a pathway to massive global extinction​ and that​ from the recent data trends, research and IPCC reports ​the survival of humanity and most of life depends on the immediate​(2020) rapid decline of emissions ​​from 2020 (universally recommended for years), with a 50% cut by 2030 (both IPCC 2018 1.5C).

May 13, 2019. In a judicial first, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal court found found against the Saskatchewan government ruling that “climate change is doubtless an emergency in the sense that it presents a genuine threat to Canada.”
1 May 2019 UK Parliament declares 'climate emergency'
Current global emissions
are ​tracking the worst
​case scenario
"Annual emissions from fossil fuels must start falling by 2020"
​ Johan Rockstrom 2017
Many now realize we are all in a climate and Nature emergency.
Not so well known is that they both interact making each other worse.

2019 multiple GHG pollution data sets are accelerating, trending to biosphere collapse
8 May 2019 (9th Time Youtube) U.N. Secretary-General Warns of 'Total Disaster' If Global Warming Isn't Stopped. The alternative to global transformation “would mean "a catastrophic situation for the whole world”
Sec General ​Guterres said he will ask leaders to stop subsidizing fossil fuels. 
He said he wants countries to build no new coal power plants after 2020. 
He wants them to put a price on the use of carbon.
H​e wants net zero carbon by 2050 

PDF 2020 deadline high resolution
CNN 23 May 2019 We have less time than you think ​..1 year
17 June 2019 IISD Reforming Subsidies Could Help Pay for a Clean Energy Revolution: Report

​28 May 2019 VIDEO Austrian World Summit UN head calls again for end to fossil fuel subsidies
​​31 May 2019 UN head calls again for end to fossil fuel subsidies

28 June 2019 "We have run out time on climate change" United Nations General Assembly President Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garces
2017 New Climate Institute 2020 climate Turning Point
30 June 2019 Act now with ambition and urgency' to tackle the world’s                               ‘grave climate emergency’, UN chief urges UAE (United Arab Emirates) meeting.
26 July 2019 Climate Change Experts Believe 2020 Last Chance to Save Environment
The Great Earth Emergency
August 2019 WWF calls Planetary Emergency 

April 2019 New climate models predict a warming surge: Climate sensitivity is high.

17 Sept 2017 Earth warming more quickly than thought, new climate models show.  
2017 World Scientists' 2nd 
​Warning to Humanity 
The Climate Mobilization 
1 ​Oct. 2019: 1100 governments, representing 270 million people, have declared Climate Emergency.