The Arctic
Rapid summer snow & sea ice meltdown
​- global warming amplifying
​ feedbacks triggered

State of the climate
All recorded causes & effects
​of GHG pollution
​are acclerating.
​​greenhouse gases
​ at record high
​ & unprecedented
​rate of​ increase.

Food security
​All regions now vulnerable
with declining yields
​ projected sooner 
Already climate change
​ is affecting yields
​- mostly negative ​​

The oceans
Record ​rate of 
warming + acidification​​
also deoxygenation ​
Phytoplankton algae in decline​
Committed Global Climate Change Planetary Emergency

 The Health and Human Rights Approach to Greenhouse Gas Pollution
Climate change is set to inflict “severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts”
​on people and the natural world unless carbon emissions ​are cut

​sharply and rapidly.

IPCC at Lima, pre-COP20 (2014)​​
IPCC 2014 AR5 best-case RCP2.6 scenario 
CAN International 2014

​​Emissions target
of zero carbon

End fossil fuel energy era by 2050, resulting in a world economy run 100% by clean renewable energy ​​
Limit global warming to under 1.5ºC ​​​limit
by 2100
Phase out fossil fuel subsidies​ 

G7 June 2015 emissions proposal

22.6.2015 ReutersClimate change health risk is a "medical emergency", experts warn​
​Record melting 
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​​5 Jan 2015 Current pace of environmental climate ​change is unprecedented in Earth's history

US President Obamano challenge poses a greater threat to our children, our planet, and future generations than climate change'.
Climate change mitigation and adaptation failure is the top global risk
​World Economic Forum’s Global Risks (to business) Report 14  January 2016

25 Jan 2016 Mankind is likely on a path toward  possible extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert
September 2015 The Emergency Climate Movement

The Climate Mobilization ​​

​up-to-date UN pledges

Climate Action Tracker:
Pledges will lead to ​
​3.2-3.8ºC by 2100, 
​which is 4-5ºC by 2200

June 2014 Climate Action Network International:
CAN emergency response position paper​

Campaign Against Climate Change (CACC) UK: Climate ​Emergency

​​​ ​ ​​​
4 Mar 2016 'We Have a Global Emergency” Parts of the World... Uninhabitable by 2100
VIDEO 2015 What people
​get wrong
​about climate change

​21 Mar 2016 WMO
'  Alarming' 'unprecedented' State of the Climate in 2015
​Dr Perkins-Kirkpatrick said the WMO statistics revealed an emergency.
​15 Mar 2016
Climate emergency warning on ‘shock’ global temperatures (expert): 
10 March 2016Atmospheric CO2 climate emergency:​ record high & dramatic highest annual increase from NOAA

15 April 2016 Fossil fuels could be phased out worldwide in a decade
20 April 2016  Legal Petition Pushes President Obama to Declare Climate Emergency
27 April 2016 OCEANS It May Soon Be Too Late to Save the Seas
June 2016 Guardian: Shattered records show climate change is an emergency today, scientists warn

March 2016 Nature: Risk of multiple tipping points should be triggering urgent action on climate change

December 2015 Ocean phytoplankton PLANETARY CATASTROPHE — Warming could stop oxygen generation

IPCC 2014 5th Assessment Report (AR5):​​​​ "No one will be untouched by climate change"

June 2015: The G7 proposed the IPCC's (AR5) most stringent mitigation scenario​​​

How to stop climate change & ocean acidification in one simple step:
Stop fossil fuel subsidies​ — $5.3 trillion globally, $2.3 trillion​​ in US and China

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NASA July News Release
 The 1st half of 2016 is a big record 1.3ºC global temperature increase 
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(We do not support
​planetary geoengineered
​ cooling) 
Oxford 1.5ºC Conference presentation page with poster
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International Greenhouse Gas ​Chemistry Conference
​27 September ​2016 - Breckenridge, Colorado

Poster presentation by Dr. Peter Carter, Director of the Climate Emergency Institute  
​​The Policy Relevance of Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases
There is no proven method of CO2 removal at any scale - though this is now unavoidable.​ The working prototype of the best and safest method is mechanical air removal with chemical conversion to solid carbonate. Rapid REPLACEMENT of all world fossil fuel energy by clean, zero-carbon energy must and can start immediately.
IEA COP22: Energy, Climate Change &
​ Environment: 2016 Insights
WMO COP22 Nov 2016 Climate Statement 

The world and national economies ​
plan to increase fossil fuel CO2 emissions
​30% by 2030​
(INDCs IEA Nov 2016). 
The global surface temperature and atmospheric CO2 are at record highs increasing at record rates (WMO Nov 2016)
The same applies to ocean heating and acidifcation​
AGU conference 12th December 2016
​Presentation and press release Dr. Peter Carter 
17 July 2017 Press release  Dr Peter Carter
​Unprecedented Level and Acceleration of Atmospheric CO2 with Global Warming Surging

​29 June 2017
Experts say we have Three years to safeguard our climate 

​​December 2016: Our world is now BEYOND EMERGENCY, being driven inexorably to runway heating, climate chaos and ocean acidification collapse.

Our future survival is looking like mission impossible.
​The only sane response is an immediate and massive emergency international Manhattan type scientific R&D venture.

Nature Climate Change March 21st  2016  Risk of multiple tipping points ... urgent global action on climate change ... immediate massive effort ... US$116/tCO2 ... carbon emissions stopped by 2050... goal < 1.5ºC  
US temperatures are 10-15 years ahead of global average Article January 11, 2017